Gross Skills

Question 1

Research on ONE of these theorists listed.(Freud, Erikson, Paiget or Vygotsky) Study their theory and the theorists and write a 3-5 paper which reflects your understanding of what the theory is based on. Please discuss how the theory can be implemented in the field of Human Development and in working with children and their families. In your research look for who is the researcher, what was their work all about, why did they choose to study in this field, and what was the main source of motivation to complete their research…. What was the theory they worked on, and how is that applicable to working with children and families now?

Question 2

1. Describe all the gross and fine motor skills you observed. Were they age appropriate? Why or why not?

2. Compare other children close in age to your focus child. How do their motor skills compare to others for their age? Describe what you saw during this observation

3. What kind of activities did you see that encouraged motor skill development without pushing infants and toddlers too much?

Question 3

One of the measurements that can be used to determine a child’s developmental progression is to compare the child to the typical developmental milestones. Some examples of developmental milestones are when an infant first sits up, crawls, and walks. There are also developmental milestones for communication, emotional, and social development. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) provides some extensive information on developmental milestones for infants and young children. (Hint: Type “CDC: Developmental Milestones” into your preferred search engine.)

Why is understanding a child’s developmental milestones so important, especially communication, social, and emotional development?

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