Governments Interpretation

Research Question: What does Egyptian law do to protect women in sexually abusive households and in what ways does the governments interpretation of the Quran perpetuate violence between husband and wife?

The final paper will be an argumentative essay. In this essay, you should address a

single question, or a set of questions pertaining to a single topic. You should explain your

question and its implications clearly in the first paragraph. Then you should highlight why this

question is important for you to raise and how you will go about answering it. For example, if

your question is: How do modern-day Muslims re-interpret Qur’an 4:34? then you need to

explain why this is relevant and what sources you will rely on to answer this question. The next

step would involve contextualizing Q 4:34 for your reader, shedding light on why it is

problematic, and how you will analyze modern-day responses to this verse. After this

contextualizing, the body of the essay should at least have three pieces of evidence to support

your argument. You want to show the reader your skills at analyzing each piece of evidence. At

the end, you should restate your thesis and perhaps point out the limitations of your own

argument (and you might also address other questions that are related to your question). Take

things in your own hands and be creative with this assignment.


8-10 pages


1-inch margins on all four sides

Times New Roman, size 12 font

Include a Works Cited page (use either MLA or Chicago Style)

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