Government Managers


Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). (2015). Hazard mitigation planning process.

Mann, S. (2012). Building sustainable cities in a post-Katrina nation: HR’s role in mitigation and planning. Public Works Management Policy, 17(1), 30–51.


In this assignment you are addressing how to create a plan for mitigation. You are a supervisor in Riverbend City reporting to Jenny Cunningham, the Emergency Manager for the city. You are going to be presenting at a conference on emergency planning. You will be conducting a break-out session on how to plan for mitigation during a critical incident. You know that your audience at this conference will be training representatives for the following groups:

  • Emergency and government managers.
  • First responders.
  • Personnel in charge of or dealing with special needs groups such as the elderly, non-English speaking people, children, et cetera.

Jenny has asked you to provide an outline of your presentation. In your outline include the four top points, and expanded thoughts on those points, that you are planning to include in your session. Your purpose is to introduce the target audience to what goes into a well-rounded mitigation plan. Use your personal and professional experiences, your readings, as well as situations you have seen in the Riverbend City train derailment scenario that would lend themselves to mitigation. Use the Prioritizing Community Assets media piece to help focus your points for the target audience. Be sure to cite your resources.

In your outline address the following:

  1. Summarize the importance of mitigation.
  2. Describe mitigation measures that will help your community to reduce the vulnerability and consequences that it might face in the event that the hazardous risk and threat become a reality.
  3. Create a brief plan for implementing one of the mitigation measures you have identified.
  4. Explain how a mitigation measure may be incorporated to assist in one of the other phases of emergency management (preparedness, response, recovery).


The outline should be 4–6 pages, not including the title page and the references page (ensure APA format for the references). A good guideline is to use 1–2 pages to succinctly deliver each of the four main points. Provide short explanatory information for each of the main points

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