Global Multi-national Company Strategy

You are currently the president of a U.S. based company that is considering going multi-national. You have been tasked by the board of directors to explore the opportunity of going “Global”, and make recommendations during your next board meeting. To do so you will need to develop a strategy on how you will execute this major shift within your current organization.

Final Examination Question:

Please develop a comprehensive strategy to take your U.S. based company global. That is to say, how will you enter the global market place with your organization and product? In this exercise please take the opportunity to explore all the aspects of Global Business and how they will impact your decision. For the purposes of this question you have freedom to design your own company, and the product it sells (please use a fictitious organization and product that you’ve made up). Also, please use the United Sates as your home country and expand into another country or countries. Lastly, if you would like to develop a strategy that does not support going global that is also ok. The key to this project is that you clearly demonstrate that you know the key fundamentals that we have discussed this term, and how they tie to a real world example. In this case, it will outline your recommendation to the board of directors on the direction you should take. Lastly, while your company and widget are fictitious, the country or countries you are entering are not. I’d like you to use real information and research on the countries you will be entering to do business. For example, if you are expanding into Australia I will expect that the topics you discuss will be accurately presented based on Australia’s economy, market and political landscape.

Areas to pay close attention to:

Globalization vs. Regionalization vs. Single Country



Foreign Direct Investment vs. Licensing vs. Exporting vs. Business Partnership Currency and Foreign Exchange Market

Political, Economic and Legal Systems



Social Responsibility and Human Rights

The International Monetary System

Good Luck

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