Global Interconnections

Choose one of the six topics discussed during weeks one (1) and two (2) to develop into a three (3) to four (4) page paper (not counting the cover page and bibliography). Do not answer the discussion question again but rather develop it further to introduce new insight and interpretation. Find an aspect of the topic that interests you and explore it.

Remember think about what surprised you about the topic, how global interconnections were revealed, what you agree with, what you disagree with and what you now understand about life during that period.

You will format your paper in Chicago/Turabian Format and include a cover page and bibliography.

You will use no less than four (4) scholarly sources with at least one (2) sources from a peer-reviewed journal.

You will not include your opinion but rather your interpretation. Keep the paper in the third person.

You will limit the paper to no more than two (2) direct quotes.

Your paper MUST be submitted in Microsoft Word or Google Docs format only.

I am looking for your supported and scholarly interpretation of the topic. Remember, history is an interpretation of the available sources and your interpretation brings value to the field, providing it is scholarly and supported.

Read over the rubric below to be sure you fully understand what is expected. Please do not hesitate to ask questions. I am happy to look over your paper as you develop it.

The Topic

” Do not list the events but rather describe them in narrative form. Analyze why your chosen region ended the century in the state it did. What was happening politically, economically, socially that influenced its course. What changes occurred that would further influence the development of the region in the 16th Century?”

The Textbook

A Comprehensive Outline of World History by Jack E. Maxfield Chapter 32 years 1400-1500

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