Global Economy

In chapter 1 the author discusses global and/or international changes in protective tariffs. Specifically, following World War II from years 1945 to 2005, tariffs of manufactured goods dropped from 40 percent to 4 percent on exported goods (Chapter 1, pg.6). (attached )
Discuss: 1) The reason for and impacts resulting from this significant change in tariffs; 2) Impacts to the global economy; 3) Impacts to U.S. manufacturers and consumers.

2. Globalization is defined as a modern term used to describe the changes in societies and the world economy that result from dramatically increased international trade, foreign direct investment, and cultural exchanges.
In chapter 1 the author discusses 3 drivers or factors that have helped the expansion of Globalization (since 1971) (pp 8-12). (attached)

List and Discuss: 1) List the three drivers discussed by the author, 2) Discuss the significance and impacts resulting from each driver/factor, and 3) Consider and discuss the current day influence and impacts (pros and cons) of these three drivers on the U.S. economy and global economy.

4. Chapter 1 and 2 discusses “Culture”, “Values” and “International Management”

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