Geriatric Populations

There has been a shift in thinking regarding the use of restraint in geriatric populations through physical, environmental and other means in the last decade. The use of actual physical restraints, side rails in nursing home settings, and medication to subdue or restrain clients in a variety of settings has decreased.In many situations, the risk of falling is provided as a rationale for client restraint.The causes of falls are known as risk factors. Although no single risk factor causes all falls, the greater the number of risk factors to which an individual is exposed, the greater the probability of a fall and the more likely the results of the fall will threaten the person’s independence.¬†Conflict among caregivers, nurse practitioners, and the patient can occur when the need for client safety seems to indicate some form of restraint. Search evidence-based literature about different types of restraint used in home, community, and nursing home settings and the prevention of falls.¬†Research the literature and guidelines for protocols and evidence to support safety in a variety of settings. As your initial post, select one protocol and describe how you will implement it in a specific setting. Subsequent posts should critique fellow students implementation of the protocol.

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