Geopolitical Event Presentation

Geopolitical Event Presentation-Individually Presented: Please post a link (or a copy) of the news article that you will be reviewing in class prior to the start of the class in which you are assigned to discuss. (I will post this but you need to send me the link of your article.) Consider aspects such as: Why is this relevant to sourcing/procurement? Who is this likely to affect? What is the potential economic impact? How can this been avoided (if it’s negative) or how can firms take advantage of this (if it’s positive)? This is a strategic sourcing class. He wants like impact on trade economics, strategic sourcing, competition, etc,.. nothing political. 1.5 pages including the sources, double spaced, Times New Roman, 12 font

A Geopolitical event is one which has at least regional significance if not global significance, and impacts on the region or global trade, or the region or global economics, or preferably both. It MUST be a real, current event, NOT a potential one. minutes.  You must present this by answering:
Issue Title from Last week, Issue for this week, Region affected and why, Impact on trade.

Headlines from factual reporting sources, from around the WORLD, so you might consider Bloomberg Business Week, The Economist, Reuters, BBC, and other sources. To be aware of the world, you must read and be able to talk about events that affect Supply Chain, Sourcing and Trade. 

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