Formal Analysis Paper

Instructions NOTE: If you plan to submit the Museum Visit Assignment, you are not required to submit this paper or the 4th Formal Analysis Paper. Write a formal analysis of a work of art of your choice from chapters 8-11 in the textbook or from the lecture notes from those chapters. A formal analysis of a work of art includes (1) a careful description of the basic facts, (2) a detailed analysis of how the subject and ideas are communicated visually using the formal elements and organizing principles of art (find these in the Introduction Module), (3) a discussion on the historical context in which the artwork was produced, and (4) an interpretation discussing how the artwork would have been understood to a viewer of its time. Use the worksheet below as a guide for this assignment.

Due By the end of the day Sunday, November 10.

Format and Grading Requirements Points Available Description 15 Analysis 15 Historical Precedent 15 Interpretation 15 Formatting, citations/works cited 15 Spelling and grammar 25 Total 100 points

You will be graded on completeness, timeliness, spelling and grammar, formatting, the adherence to the guidelines in the worksheet below, and most of all, the thoughtfulness of your response. Feedback will be given in a graded file and returned to you promptly. Each formal analysis paper must be formatted according to MLA style:
Formal Analysis Paper #3 – Instructions and Worksheet

• Length: 675 word minimum

• Font: 12 point Times New Roman

• Margins: 1 inch on all sides

• Title page: name, title of assignment, course number, and date (no running headers)

• Page numbers: Upper right hand corner

• Include an image of your chosen work of art

• Works cited page: MLA formatted at end of paper

• File name: lastname_formal_analysis1. Submit your paper saved as a Microsoft Word file (.doc or .docx) online in the appropriate assignment section.

Full credit will be given only if all the above formatting requirements are met. Plagiarism will automatically result in a zero (0) for the assignment. Repeated incidents of plagiarism may result in being withdrawn from the course.

Resources In addition to your textbook, the lecture notes and videos you must use at least one outside source. Your source must be properly cited and acceptable for college level research, meaning no Wikipedia entries, tourism websites, or independent blogs. For online resources in art history, museum web sites are very good, as are education sites such as a university or library. To receive maximum points for this section, find the web site for the museum or institution that owns the monument that you are writing about, for example, the Egyptian sculpture King Menkaure and Queen Khamerernebty is located at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston.

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