Financial Charge

In this homework assignment you will be going over the below things in the homework assignment.

  • Find the interest, balance due, and minimum monthly payment for credit card loans.
  • Evaluate mortgage options.
  • Compute the monthly payment and interest costs for a mortgage.
  • Prepare a partial loan amortization schedule.
  • Prepare payments and interest for other kinds of installment loans.

Last weeks assignments covered

  • Solve applied problems involving percent.
  • Calculate simple interest and maturity value.
  • Use compound interest formulas.
  • Calculate present value.
  • Compute effective annual yield.
  • Find the value of an annuity.
  • Determine the amount financed, the installment price, and the finance charge for a fixed loan.
  • Compute unearned interest and the payoff amount for a loan paid off early.
  • Describe stocks, bonds, and mutual funds as investments.


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