Feminist Critique

Question 1

Discuss how the prologue and tale in the narrative, The wife of Bath,  is or is not characteristic of the feminist school of thought.

-support your argument with at least 3 scholarly works with a feminist critique,

-give examples of key remarks the wife of bath makes to inform us of her views, and the pages/lines where we can identify them

-follow MLA format

-5 paragraphs

Question 2

Briefly describe the history, evolution and the rise of feminism. Identify at least one feminist and discuss how they have expanded woman’s rights either domestically or abroad.

Question 3

Choose two common feminst claims and try to debunk them. Provide evidence for your claims and cite sources. No plagiarism, will be put through turnitin.

Question 4

In 2-3 paragraphs please summarize “Defining Black Feminist Thought” by Patricia Collins.


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