Family Violence

Question 1

Details of the task:

Write an essay addressing one of the following four questions.

  1. Restorative justice is a useful addition to the criminal justice system that can help to address the diverse needs and experiences of victims of family violence. Critically discuss.

  1. The severity and extent of family violence is increasingly being recognised within government and legal discourse. Critically discuss this statement with reference to both the impacts of family violence for victims, and the range of initiatives that have been implemented to address some of these effects.

  1. While there are victims of crime from all population groups, there are some victims that are especially vulnerable to crime and its impacts. Critically discuss the key challenges that young people may experience as victims within and beyond the criminal justice system.

  1. The police are granted a number of powers to maintain order in society, while also being given significant levels of discretion to make judgments based on the individual circumstances of their encounters with members of the public. Critically discuss how the exercise of these powers can result in victims of state power, drawing on concerns around police discretion and the use of force.

Question 2

Manufacturing sectors was a backbone for economic growth for many developed economies and continues to be one for developing countries. Analysis and discuss the evolution of this sector for Malaysian economic growth and should Malaysia emphasize in it to achieve the status of developed country in coming years.

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