F520A – Module Assignment: Army Sustainment Essay

This assessment target ELOs:

• 400-SMC-1011.2.1 (F201: U.S. Army Sustainment)

• 400-SMC-1011.2.2 (F202: Strategic Logistics)

• 400-SMC-1011.2.3 (F203: Joint Sustainment)

• 400-SMC-1011.2.4 (F204: Tactical Sustainment

Purpose. The modern division consumes as much as a World War II field Army. During OPERATION DESERT SHIELD, the defensive phase of the Gulf War, each division required 345,000 gallons of diesel fuel, 50,000 gallons of aviation fuel, 213,000 gallons of water, and 208 40-foot tractor-trailers of other supplies each day, ranging from barrier material to ammunition. During OPERATION DESERT STORM, a 100-hour offensive, a single division consumed 2.4 million gallons of fuel transported on 475 5,000-gallon tankers. Large-scale combat operations are characterized by simultaneous, geographically dispersed operations that occur in various OEs and are challenged across multiple domains. It requires greater sustainment than other types of operations because of the higher operational tempo, greater lethality, and significantly increased consumption of supplies, and equipment. The lethal nature of large-scale combat operations increases the propensity for mass casualties, requirements for mortuary affairs, increased requirements for a robust medical architecture, and large-scale personnel and equipment replacements. Large-scale combat operations will require the distribution system to move a greater volume of personnel and equipment than in other types of operations. Increased velocity and precision will be required to sustain operations.

Sergeants Major is responsible for providing timely and accurate advice to the commander in all matters related to Soldiers in the organization, as well as mission-related input and concerns. Knowing the organization’s needs, strengths, and weaknesses is critical when it comes to equipping the organization with the sources for sustainment and success.

The purpose of this essay is to analyze why as a SGM/CSM you must have an understanding of the organization and sustainment operations to ensure the organization has what it needs to be mission ready. Through your analysis of the fundamentals of US Army Sustainment operations at the tactical, operational, and strategic levels (F201) you should have knowledge of what strategic national sustainment is (F202) and the tools necessary to assist in planning sustainment operations (F203) for tactical level sustainment (F204)

Assignment Instructions: Analyze the concepts and theories you read about in F201, F202, F203, and F204; utilizing key language and terms from these concepts and theories, write a 1000-1200 word essay (not including cover and references page) using the sergeant major’s perspective 41 describe strategic national sustainment (F202) and how US Army sustainment operations (F201) support sustainment operations for the Joint Forces Land Component Commander (JFLCC) (F203) to support tactical level sustainment operations (F204). Use examples to support your position. The SMC-DL 1009W will be used to assess your work

** As you organize your thoughts it is important to understand the requirements that are listed by the four distinct lesson plans associated with the assignment.

1. Describe strategic national sustainment (F202)

2. How US Army sustainment operations (F201) support sustainment operations for the Joint Forces Land Component Commander

3. Support tactical level sustainment operations (F204)

As you conduct your research and analysis, it is up to you to discern from a sergeants major perspective (senior NCO) on how these specific areas work and your role within. After this, you should be able to synthesize it into a well-written paper. The use of accurate examples to support your position or explanation is strongly encouraged. Examples demonstrate your complete analysis and comprehension of how the concepts and theories you have read can apply within your operational environment.

Use assigned readings for reference. Adhere to good APA guidelines

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