External Stakeholders

Question 1

Select a business organisation that you are familiar with, conduct a detail research on the chosen organisation and describe and/or explain the followings:

1. Brief introduction of the company background;

2. Identify the vision statement, mission statement and the goals of the organisation and explain how the four (4) functions of management helps the organisation achieve its goals;

3. You should choose business organisations that allow you to discuss the differences or similarities related to the selected elements of organisation structure.

  •  Centralisation / decentralisation
  •  Departmentalisation
  •  Span of Control
  •  Chain of command

4. Identify two (2) internal stakeholders and two (2) external stakeholders of the chosen organisation. Explain their roles and how these stakeholders affect the business of the chosen organisation by providing relevant examples.

Question 2

In contrast to express terms found in a contract, implied terms can arise in a variety of ways and are beneficial to at least one of the parties to the contract. Some contracts may contain both express and implied terms, but the ways these two types of terms operate are significantly different from one another’.


Discuss this statement by reference to cases and legislation, providing examples of each.

  •  You need to justify your view as to whether these two types of terms are ‘significantly different from one another’.
  •  In addition, include as an example in your discussion, reference to the types of terms indicated in the facts of question 1.

( 10 marks)

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