Experiences Between the Older And the Young


My post: Discussion Topic: Book Club Disc
Individually, I found the issue of healthy living interesting to me over the reading. I came
to understand that healthy living revolves not only around one’s diet but also how one conducts
oneself regarding various physical and mental issues. Healthy living is a fundamental aspect as it
ensures that individuals can effectively perform their tasks without straining (Applewhite, 2016,
p. 11). I related and was interested in healthy living as it is the cornerstone towards being
mentally stable. Healthy living leads to a better mental state and fewer health risks that might
affect an individual’s day-to-day life. Even though I understood almost all the presentations
during the reading, I found it challenging to understand the issue of aging and its circumstances.
Aging has been a matter of concern to me during the class as I tried to figure out what factors
could lead to or happen while we age. It is even more insane that some sections of the population
have attempted to develop ways to delay aging (Applewhite, 2016, p. 58). I hope to understand
these through conducting various research and reading a lot of publications on the topic of aging
and new scientific genetic modifications.  
Applewhite, Ashton. (2016). This Chair Rocks, A Manifesto Against Ageism. Celadon Books. 

My classmates Post:

1- Arely Samano-Najera : One big idea that stood out to me was in Chapter 3, that highlights “the benefits on the way we think”. This section in the chapter highlights that the older handle emotional and social experiences in a full grown positive and healthy manner (Applewhite, 2016, p.75). I found it really interesting that the emotional stability and maturity of an older adult is in fact higher, than those younger or mid age adults because I thought it would be the opposite. As young adults we tend to treat older people like kids, in many cases, to make sure their physical stability and emotional being is stable. Our patience with older adults should in fact should be the same sense they have the same or even higher emotional understanding. I also found it interesting when as a society we say “the older are wiser” because in fact they are. Older people have lived and experienced many lessons in life that one can take as a lesson or simply learn from their own experiences. Applewhite also mentioned, “Things don’t upset you like they used to” (p.76).I found that insightful because its one of the beautiful things about aging, you learn that small things or unfairness in life don’t place a value in the person you are or who you’re meant to be. Write reply…

2- Ailin Martinez-Vela: After reading chapters 3 through 4 of This Chair Rocks by Applewhite an idea mentioned that was insightful to me was that “Fear does subside, though typically only at the hands of time itself. Imagine how much more manageable the fear would be if we become old people in training when we’re younger” (Applewhite, 2016, p.84).  This idea was significant to me because it shows that realities of ageism in our society. Aging is never talked about and when it is, it is discussed negatively. As a society we are never educated or prepared for what comes when we age. If we were properly educated, then maybe many of us would not fear aging but rather prepare for it and expect it with peace of mind. I think it is important to have more discussions about ageing and shine a positive look on it. If ageing was talked about starting at a young age, then this could lead to better resources for the older. Being educated allows us to properly understand why we need to prepare for aging and why having the proper resources is crucial for the future. After learning about ageism in healthcare, it made me question why healthcare for older is as bad as it is. I always assumed that the older were treated better because of their age and respect for the elder. Write reply,,, 

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