Evidenced Based Practice Proposal

Develop a proposal to make a change in clinical practice that reflects the best research

evidence available. The topic selected must be pertinent to the speciality of advanced nursing

practice you selected for your program of study. You may not use the topic of a project that you

developed for any other course. The proposal should be 15-20 pages and must include:

1. Introduction

a. Background of the problem and significance to nursing.

b. The project’s fit with the nursing strategic plan in the institution for which the

project is proposed.

c. A description of what led to your interest in this clinical question.

2. A clear PICO(T) question

3. Critical appraisal of relevant literature

a. A flow chart of the search strategy used and results. Flowcharts and the narrative

description should include search terms, databases used, inclusion and

exclusion criteria, and all information about how decisions were made to

determine the final articles used in the keeper study table.

b. Three tables are required in the final paper. Students will use templates to create

each table. Templates and Examples can be found in Canvas under Course

Resources. The final paper must include a completed:

i. Keeper Study Table

ii. Levels of Evidence Table

iii. Outcome Synthesis Table

c. Summary of literature with a focus on the implications for practice.

d. A narrative description of your recommendations based on relevant literature.

The literature included must be specific to your stated outcome measure.

4. The ARCC Model is the expected framework for the EBP proposal. Briefly describe the

model and how the model will guide the implementation of the project.

5. Project Plan

a. Include time frames

b. Key players to involve

c. Administrative support needed

d. Project roll out plan

e. Identification of potential barriers and facilitators to project implementation

f. A discussion of strategies to mitigate barriers and leverage facilitators.

g. Assess and describe the feasibility of the project.

h. Plan for sustainability of practice change.

6. Evaluation Plan

a. Be specific, how will you know the practice change was successful?

b. Include cost analysis if available

7. Dissemination Plan

a. Describe your plan to disseminate your findings.

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