Our final essay will be justifying an evaluation. Evaluations are special kinds of arguments. These types of arguments do not promote alternate solutions or policies, they evaluate something someone else has done. We evaluate movies, books, food, events, and even other arguments.

In this particular essay, we will evaluate how effectively students learn online. Think about what you know about evaluating subjects and ideas. Be sure that you’ve framed and narrowed your subject adequately. For example, there are many different kinds of schools who offer online programs, but these programs and their requirements are vastly different, so it’s important to narrow the kind of learning you will discuss.

Next, you want to do some research. For this essay, you will need a minimum of three sources, and at least ONE needs to be scholarly. See where your research leads you, and I want you to compare the research to your own experience. Have you been a successful online learner? Why or why not? I would like you to use your experience learning online as evidence/examples in your essay. Be careful, the overall tone should still be academic.

Finally, establish your evaluation criteria. How do we evaluate online learning? You should have at least four criteria or standards. The criteria you choose should be clearly identified and separated. For example, you could evaluate the effectiveness of reading in an online environment. Develop this section with support from your own experience AND your articles.

Your paper and citations should be in MLA format and a minimum of 1400 words.

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