Evaluation Instruments

  1. Each student will have to pick up an organization for the project, might be the company he/she works for or another organization of choice. Each student should assume that the organization has contacted him/her to conduct an assessment of training needs and to design and provide the necessary training to its employees (a select group).
  2. Identify the mission, vision and values of your organization. Conduct a SWOT analysis of the business. Where does the organization want to be in three to five years? What does this say about the training that may be necessary for its employees? As a training consultant, what training would you suggest that reflects the organization’s strategic plan?
  3. Design the necessary needs assessment instruments for your organization. Conduct the needs assessment and analyze the results. What training needs have you identified? Who is the training audience? Are there other issues identified that are not training issues? What would you suggest to the organization regarding the non-training issues?
  4. Write SMART objectives for your training. Ensure your objectives reflect the strategic focus of your organization. Write learning goals that encompass all three learning domains. Prepare a budget for your training program.
  5. Using information derived in the needs analysis, identify and develop the content for your training program. What will you include? As you develop content, consider how you will evaluate student learning. What training methods will you use? How are the training methods you chose related to the needs of the learners?
  6. Design evaluation instruments using all four of Kirkpatrick’s levels of evaluation. Discuss how you will determine if transfer of training is accomplished. Discuss ROI in terms of your training project. How will you measure ROI? Was the training cost-effective for the organization

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