Ethical Business Dilemma

Develop a Press Release to propose to the company to help solve the ethical business dilemma dealing with cybersecurity/technology

 You may choose formats that inform, persuade, or argue a point to your audience from an ethical perspective. Understanding your audience and targeting this press release to emotionally connect with your audience is a huge advantage. This is especially the case when it comes to the quality and effectiveness of a press release. The emotional message has fine boundaries. If you choose to deliver this press release as an emotional message, you must be sure not to cross those ethical boundaries or to be too forceful in the message. Finding a balance is integral to the success of an emotional message. It’s important to be able to interpret those boundaries, controlling that emotional message so that it’s received well by the audience. You may choose other forms of messages as well. Do research to find out more about the various message formats and themes to consider which you’ll apply in this press release.
 Use inductive, abductive, or creative reasoning and critical thinking techniques to construct your press release.

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