Equity and diversity in Education

The film critique is meant to help you analyze effective elements of design.
Elements include:
• A subject anchored in a local story that is universal, a story arc with a compelling opening, a strong narrative, a story that teaches us something new about equity, includes strong and memorable visual elements, follows a powerful story arc, film that uses music and soundtrack effectively to tell the story, integrates new knowledge and information. Be sure to look for these and other elements in film.
• The critique should be 2-4 pages long and should include a title page and APA reference page separate from the page count. 1.5 space/12 font.
o Suggested Organization of Paper
• Paragraph 1 – Introduce the book or doc film. Explain what compelled you to choose this book and why you think the topic is important.
• Paragraph 2-5 – Answer 3-5 of the questions below using quotes and summaries from the book or doc film.
• Note- we are looking for quotes/details and depth in your reflection. Avoid a surface read or retelling of the book/doc but reflect on how you responded to what you were reading.
o 10 Questions to Guide Your Response to Your Book or Doc Film

  1. What made you choose this particular book/doc?
  2. What was the intent, objective, and main story line?
  3. Was there something surprising/compelling or challenging in this story. If so, what was it?
  4. Why is this book or doc film important?
  5. Was there a lesson that can be taken away? What was it? Why or how is it important to the social justice?
  6. What did you find to be the most interesting character in this book/doc? What, if anything, surprised you about that person?
  7. What did you learn about the time period in which the book or doc is set that you did not previously know?
  8. What evidence is there that this book/doc is an important story in relation to our course?
  9. In what way did the book/doc inspire you to support or get involved in this topic or issue?
  10. How did the way the book was written impact your experience of the story? Give examples.
  11. What was the tone of the book or doc? How was it successful in telling the story?
    Marking Scheme
    Content (15) – original insights, appropriate detail (e.g.: direct quotes, paraphrasing), depth and sophistication of the reflection and evidence of making connections to course work, other readings, and personal experience
    Style (5) – competent use of language, well organized, fluency, proper use of citations. Book title is cited in APA format at end of document.

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