Environmental Sustainability

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EESC 120 Principles of Environmental Sustainability

  1. Consider the use of petroleum/oil for today’s energy needs.
    1. Why has oil become the foundation of the US energy portfolio? Explain in 3-4 sentences at least 3 advantages of using oil in today’s American society and why it is still our biggest energy source overall.
    2. The use of oil and petroleum is one of the main causes of acid rain.
      • i.Explain in detail how using oil and gasoline leads to acid rain. Include the specific chemicals and processes involved.
      • ii.Describe at least two negative ecological or environmental effects of acid rain.
      • iii.Describe one negative impact of acid rain on human health.
    3. Describe and discuss two other negative environmental effects of using petroleum/oil, besides acid rain (with specific details).
  2. The following graph shows the current energy source mix (the energy portfolio) for the production of electricity here in Virginia.
    1. If you were to propose a zero-carbon emissions energy portfolio for Virginia in the future, which energy sources would you include and at what size? Paste/insert your pie or donut chart below (you must create it with Excel or similar program). Be sure to display or type in the percentage of each slice and if you include renewable energy sources, give each its own slice, don’t just say renewables as one group like Dominion did.
      • i.Choose at least 3 from the following list (4 max):
        • Coal
        • Petroleum/oil
        • Natural gas
        • Nuclear energy
        • Offshore wind energy
        • Land-based wind energy
        • Geothermal energy
        • Hydropower-dams
        • Hydropower –tidal energy
        • Solar energy
        • Biomass
    2. Which of the 5 Dominion 2019 energy sources did you completely eliminate? Explain and support your decision, including disadvantages, of EACH eliminated source and why you don’t think it’s right for Virginia’s future.
    3. List each of the energy sources in your new chart and explain and support their inclusion. For EACH, discuss why you chose that source for Virginia and where and how it would work in Virginia.
    4. For the energy source that you gave the biggest percentage, discuss 3 potential disadvantages of using that source in Virginia. (If two of your sources are assigned the same percentage, just pick ONE to discuss).
  3. List and describe scientifically and specifically (in about 2 sentences each) three factors or conditions that might make someone worried about potential radon gas exposure and why. Health effects can be one, the other two should be things that increase their exposure.

Insert your pie or donut chart here:

Energy Source #1:

Energy Source #2:

Energy Source #3:

Energy Source #4 (if applicable):

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