Enteral Medications and Administration

fill out using RED font as you’re reading the chapter & submit to D2L drop box by due date
You do not need to use complete sentences to answer the questions
worth 1 point each (15 points possible)

What are enteral medications?

What are parenteral medications (only question related to Chapter 10)?

What is the most common route of medication administration?

Advantages of oral administration (list 3) Disadvantages of oral administration (list 3)

What are some contraindications of using the oral route for medication administration? List at least 2.

Solid forms of oral medication include: List at least 4.

Liquid forms of oral medication include: List at least 3.

This liquid form is contraindicated for children, diabetics, and alcoholics because it contains ETOH (alcohol): __________

Lozenges can be held in the cheek. This is known as the ______ route.

This route is commonly used to administer Nitroglycerin due to the many capillaries under the tongue allowing for quick absorption. This is the ___________________route.

Suppositories, enemas, suspensions, or ointments must be administered rectally. This is known as the _ route.

What are enemas?

What is a mortar and pestle used for?

This solid form of oral medication is marked for easy division of doses

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