Engineering Identity

Assignment Choice #1: Communication Breakdowns in Negotiation

A large technology company is going to market with a new software application (product) that tracks college students’ progress through their academic careers. The customer base for this company is higher education. Focus groups were conducted with students, staff, faculty, and company representatives to test and name the product. The marketing department decided not to take the feedback they received from these focus groups with respect to naming the product, and they named the product Pilot. In higher education, as in most industries, the term “pilot” means a test or trial phase. The salespeople are struggling with calling the product Pilot, and are making up their own names for it as they discuss it with customers. The Director of Sales tried unsuccessfully to discuss the situation with the Director of Marketing to negotiate a new name for the product that is more in line with the company’s target market. The meeting turned into a yelling match. Currently, the two directors are at an impasse.

Evaluate where the communication breakdown occurred in this negotiation, using terminology and knowledge from this module, and propose at least two communication strategies that might have allowed the negotiation process to be more successful.

Your paper should be 2-3 pages in length. Include at least two scholarly references in addition to the course readings.

  • Brodsky, N. (2009). When negotiating, always listen before you speak. Inc.
  • Cummins, T. (2014, May 12). Does virtual negotiation work? IACCM.
  • Hatmaker, D. M. (2013). Engineering Identity: Gender and professional identity negotiation among women engineers. Gender, Work & Organization, 20(4), 382-396. doi:10.1111/j.1468-0432.2012.00589.x
  • Mullender, R. (2014). Listen up! Let’s make a deal. IESE Insight Review, First Quarter 2014, 67-71.
  • Stark, P. (2017). Nonverbal Negotiating Skills,.

The list above is readings from the course. Use these as references if you need.

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