Employment Relationship

You are required to develop a Human Resource Management business proposal with specific focus on the approach to managing employees that can strengthen the employment relationship.
Task 1
Outline the development of strategies and the use of techniques that can be used to enhance employee involvement and engagement. Underline the theories and analysis of these recommendations, including advantages and disadvantages of the strategies selected. (800 words)
Task 2
Propose the communication approach that will assist greater “Employee Voice”. Outline the benefits for both employers and employees, theories, and best practices in the area of upward problem solving and representative methods (employee voice). (800 words)
Task 3
Outline any training and development considerations in your business proposal to enhance both managers and employees’ understanding, roles and responsibilities, quoting relevant theories and best practices. (800 words)
Organisations (for Benchmarking)
Each task need to be benchmarked with the same organisation
When designing a HRM business proposal it is important that you benchmark your plan and proposed methods. You can use any organisation of your choice as an example of success and best practice.
You must apply critical thinking in your analysis in relation to your selected organisation against the areas outlined above.
References must include the following sources:

  1. Hook., C., Jenkins, A., 2019. Introducing Human Resource Management. 8th ed. Pearson.
  2. Banfield. P., Kay. R., and Royles. D., 2018. Introduction to Human Resource Development. 3rd Ed. Oxford: Oxford University Press.
  3. Armstrong. M., 2012. Armstrong’s Handbook of Reward Management Practice: Improving Performance Through Reward. London: Kogan Page
  4. Taylor., S. 2018. Resourcing and Talent Management. London: Kogan Page.
    References must include the following websites:
    https://www.legislation.gov.uk UK Government Legislation Website
    https://www.ipa-involve.com Involvement and Participation Association (IPA)
    https://www.acas.org.uk Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service
    https://www.cipd.co.uk/ Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development

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