Emergence of Case Management

Question 1

The purpose of the research paper is to provide you the opportunity to explore and research treatments for the many mental health disorders covered in the course. The paper will include a summary section of the treatments researched to treat a specific mental health disorder covered in class and a rationale explaining why you preferred one treatment over another, as well as a discussion of the possible limitations of the preferred treatment if it were limited to only that treatment.

The research paper must be submitted in APA format, including a title page, abstract, the body of the paper and references. The body of the paper should be 5-7 pages in length. A minimum of four professional references (e.g., journal articles or books) must be cited in the paper. You must cite every reference listed on the reference page to receive full credit for your research. Wikipedia is not an acceptable college-level reference. You will not receive credit for citing Wikipedia, dictionaries or encyclopedias as references.

You are not allowed to reuse and submit old research papers from any previous colleges/high schools you attended. The work must be original and written for this class only. Failure to comply will result in an automatic zero for the paper and you will be reported for academic misconduct.

Question 2

1) Assume that all of Company A’s net sales ($2,625,500) are “on account.” Write the journal entry necessary to record total net sales for 2015.

2) Write the journal entry necessary to record Company A’s “Selling, general, and Administrative expenses” ($1,122,000) for 2014, assuming that 90 percent of the expense was paid for with cash while 10 percent was paid for on credit to regular suppliers.

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