Elementary Education Comprehensive Paper

*Please copy and paste the question you are answering at the beginning of your response. 

You should be able to use an adequate number of articles, researchers, and theorists in supporting your arguments (minimum 5-8) per question. Identify key ideas and develop well-organized, documented responses. Use a variety of theorists and/or researchers who are relevant to support your assertions. Do not use Blogs and .com websites. Find articles, books, and research that is peer-reviewed and referenced. 

Use 7th Edition, APA Format. All responses should be double-spaced, free of grammatical and other language errors, and reflect the quality of writing appropriate for professional educators completing a graduate degree program. Each question you respond to should be at a minimum five pages in length (not including the reference list), fully answers the question and includes a reference list at the end of each question.

Paraphrasing vs. Quoting: A good rule of thumb in paraphrasing/quotes is something like seventy percent paraphrasing and thirty percent quoting.   If you use only quotes, it means you did not synthesize the information.

* For the question, write 5-8 pages per question and include a reference list for essay. Support your thoughts with at least five (5) articles per question. Use APA (7th ed.) formatting within your essays.    


  • Make sure your documents are typed using MS word doc. Use Times New Roman, 12 pt. Font, double-spaced, and standard margins.

Question 4

Describe how Educational Technology can effectively be applied to differentiation instruction to engage and increase student learning. Please describe at least two examples of how educational technology can differentiate instruction.


Question 2

Describe the unique cultural and racial makeup of New Mexico, ranging from the southern regions to the northern regions. Include groups such as German POWs of World War II, Spanish land grant families in the north, and varying Native American nations. Then, describe the characteristics of a curriculum of inclusivity that teaches the validity of these cultures and how they impact the classroom in New Mexico. Feel free to use an example as part of your explanation.

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