Elderly Care

The following are the goals to be achieved by the year 2040
1. To try to educate 80% (plus) of the elderly, together with their caregivers to invest in long term health services that will help them in the future by providing them affordable home and community-based care services and living options to prevent or delay institutionalization.
2. To give quality life to 80% (plus) elderly people by providing them with health care services in their own homes and supporting those who take care of them, by providing them with financial assistance through grants and stipends from the government. 
3. Increase awareness of energy assistance, property tax reduction, reverse mortgages, and other programs that make it easier for elders to remain in their own homes, instead of being in nursing homes or assisted care facilities.

Also, discuss side effects of the solutions provided (both positive and negative), and provide a conclusion.

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