EHR Implementation and Testing

Now that your team has implemented the EHR, you will test whether it performs the desired functions and meet the requirements. Three most common types of IT system testing are:

Unit Testing or Component Testing implies that the individual components (clinical, administrative, pharmacy, lab., digital imaging, etc.) of the EHR system function as desired and specified in the RFP; Integrated Testing means that these components function in harmony and interoperate; and Performance Testing (also called stress testing or maximum load testing) ensures that the system performs normal under maximum or significant load (happens in the morning when all staff starts working with EHR) to check for robustness, availability and error handling beyond the normal operational capacity.

You were advised by your manager to schedule these tests. Thus, your team will undertake the above three types of testing before Closing of Signing off the project. He asked you to describe the methodology and steps you would perform to accomplish this task.

You were asked to consult the following resources before proceeding.

Electronic Health Record (EHR) System Testing Plan

What is difference between Unit Testing and Integration Testing? and

What are Unit Testing, Integration Testing and Functional Testing?

What is Stress testing in software

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