Effects Of Bond Markets And Money Markets To The Bank

(a) Referring to both theory and real examples in your study
material, discuss how bond markets and money markets have
affected the strategies of banks in recent years.
(75% of marks)
(b) Critically discuss alternative strategies available to banks in
emerging markets. (25% of marks)
Explain and illustrate your answer in no more than 2,500 words. This limit
includes tables and captions but excludes footnotes, endnotes, tables of figures and
references. Answers that exceed this limit will result in a loss of marks. Full
details of penalties for late submission, exceeding the word limit and other
information can be found at the end of this assignment.
Your assignment should be submitted via the Virtual Learning Environment (VLE)
to The Centre for Financial and Management Studies no later than 1
st March 2022.
Full instructions are available on the VLE.
Student Assignment Guidelines
Please note that all parts of the question will be marked. Questions focus on the
concepts developed in Units 1 to 4 of the course materials.
The questions are broad, but your answer should nevertheless be focused on the
questions. The assignment answer should be written in an academic and logical
manner demonstrating your reasoning ability and knowledge, not a journalistic style.
For example, you must justify any conclusion you reach on the basis of existing
theoretical and/or empirical evidence from the course notes, textbook and other
course readings, or any other source you choose to use, as long as you provide a
correct citation (see below). It would be helpful if you start by writing accurate and
relevant answers to the questions asked, before possibly expanding into any more
comprehensive approaches to the answers, in order to meet the word limit. Use of
relevant diagrams, equations, and examples to illustrate your understanding of the
question set where appropriate would be helpful to provide justification for the
Throughout your explanation you should try to demonstrate a clear understanding of
theoretical reasoning and critical discussion of the subjects providing pertinent use
of models and examples, where appropriate, reference to empirical results. Relevant
explanation and critical assessment in the answer are expected. Explicit evidence of
reading the articles in the Course Reader is also required.
M466 Banking Strategy Session Two 2022
Your assignment must be properly referenced. Further information on referencing
(ie the Harvard system) is available in Studying at a Distance by Talbot on the
Virtual Learning Environment.

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