EBP proposal

This assignment builds on the identification of a nursing concern from NR 500 and the application of a nursing theory to the selected concern from NR 501. For this course, the selected concern and nursing theory then serve as a foundation to the identification of PICOT/PICo. Identification of the literature search strategy is also required.

Criteria for Content

Overview of Selected Evidenced-based Practice Project: This section provides a foundation to the MSN EBP scholarly project. It should contain the following elements:
Explain the relationship between research and evidenced-based practice (EBP)
Distinguish how EBP is different from research
Explain the contribution of EBP to professional nursing
Identify your MSN Program Specialty Track and practice focus
Explain how EBP promotes change within your future practice setting
Identification of the Nursing Concern to be Improved: This section provides a comprehensive discussion of the selected nursing concern. It should contain the following elements:
Explain the selected nursing concern in detail
Identify how frequently the selected concern occurs within your specialty track setting
Identify the stakeholders impacted by the concern
Identify the consequences of the selected concern
Identify your proposed solution to the selected concern
Identify a purpose statement for this EBP proposal
PICOT/PICo question and Literature Search Process: This section identifies the PICOT/PICo question that will used for this EBP proposal. The literature search parameters will also be identified. It should contain the following elements:
Identify the question in correct format with all required elements
PICOT for quantitative research approach
PICo for qualitative research approach
Identify how the expected outcome will be useful to your future practice setting
Discuss the purpose of conducting a literature review and the contribution it will provide to this EBP proposal
Identify the steps used to conduct a literature review for this EBP proposal by including:
The specific library databases used
The key search terms and phrases used
The minor (additional) search terms and phrases used
Identify any specialty organization that is relevant to this EBP proposal
Theoretical Framework: This section presents the theoretical framework that will used in this EBP project. It should contain the following section:
Explain the theoretical framework to be used in this EBP proposal
Describe how the identified theoretical framework is applied to this EBP proposal

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