Discussion Board: Reading Novels

After learning about Fitzgerald’s and Hemingway’s lives and previewing The Great Gatsby and A Farewell to Arms, decide which novel you want to read for your final exam reaction/response essay. (Links to the novels and preview reading instructions are found in the Week 12 Textbook Readings and Study Guide.)

In your forum post this week:

1 – Tell us which novel you are choosing to read and explain what factors led to your decision.

2 – Explain one American ethos quality you have already identified in the life of the author of your choice and explain what your first impression is of the author’s possible True North. (After you read the novel and study the author, your opinion may change.)

3 – Finish out your 300-word post with a discussion of your personal experience with reading novels. This may be a rambling reflection covering anything related to reading novels (favorite genres, love/hate relationship with reading, favorite authors, reasons that contributed to your feelings, etc.).

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