Disciplinary Program-Security Employees

– The Power Point presentation must have a minimum of 10 slides (excluding the references slide) with “extensive” “speaker notes” (bottom of “each slide”)
-At least 225 words per slide (Slides #2-10).
– References must have matching in-text citations in the body of your project (and vice versa)
– Use the speaker notes section at the bottom of the slide to place MOST of your wording
– At least 9 slides of substance not including Title slide, and References slide or other non-text pages, diagrams, etc (Slides #2-10).
– References, use as many from sources provided, but at least 5, if applicable.
– If using references from other sources not provided, please include website where found under references and they MUST BE from a ‘scholarly source’.
– Make sure the PowerPoint follows the outline below (feel free to modify, add or remove any of the ‘headings/sub-headings – topic elements on SLIDES 2-8):

> Creating and Designing a Disciplinary Program
for Security Employees

– Intro to implementing an effective disciplinary program
>Code of conduct
>Safe & healthy workplace
>Policy brief and purpose

– Security company legal accountability
>At-will employment?
>Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification
>National Labor Relations Law
>Age discrimination/ civil rights…

– Pro’s and Con’s of a disciplinary program
>If too tolerant, effective?
>If too strict, effective?

– Discipline methods
>Progressive discipline
>Performance reviews
>Immediate suspension and/or re-assignment

– Disciplinary process via progressive discipline
>Verbal warning
>Written warning
>Final warning

– Company led training
>Quarterly, annual?
>Clear standards/rules established for employees?

– Leadership/managers
>Clear standards/rules established for leadership
>Leadership/managers need to set

-Most frequent reasons for disciplinary actions

-SLIDE 10:
– Conclusion

-SLIDE 11:
– References

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