Dimension of Leadership

Question 1

You will conduct a comprehensive analysis base on Samsung, as well as develop a strategy to address some critical business problem/opportunity. The final report should include a detailed analysis of the internal structure of the organization; the external structure of the market and competitive environment, you have to use SWOT to analysis this part; the goals, objectives, and priorities of the organization; identification of performance measurement tools; application of quantitative methods in the analysis; consideration of qualitative factors; and a strategic plan of action, including contingencies.

And do not forget biblical references that support the strategies or concepts used in developing your case study. Minimum of five references.

Just around 4 pages.

Question 2

Discussion the following questions.

1. Why have scholars concluded that defining and measuring leadership is so complex and so ambiguous? How would you describe effective leadership?

2. What are the four dimensions of leadership discussed by Amason, Allen C? Can you find examples of real leaders who have been successful in these four challenges?

Just around 300 words and reference

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