** the above picture is a teenager with diabetes that is using an INSULIN PUMP, a device that is used to regulate blood sugar instead of using injections or shots.      

The case study in Chapter One describes the reality of living with the condition of Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus in a teenager. After reading the case study on page 21 of your textbook, locate and click on the link HLTH 101 Case Study Questions (C-1) Type 1 Diabetes-1.docx. Canvas will give you the option to open and save the Word file to your computer. After saving the word document with the questions to your computer, answer the questions. When finished, you will upload your completed word document to Canvas. (see INSTRUCTIONS for submitting Case Study under ORIENTATION Module)

Case Study Questions – C-1 Diabetes

1. What are the two medical terms that describe the amount of sugar in the blood? Analyze the terms using the word division method described in this chapter.

For example:  GASTR/O/SCOPE; Gastr/o – combining form and means stomach.Scope –

        suffix and means instrument to visually examine

2. What type of medical specialty or doctor cares for people with diabetes? Analyze the terms using the word division method as described above.

3. Jake’s mother describes a condition that happens if the insulin pump is in a “bad” site and insulin isn’t getting into his body. The acronym for this medical term is DKA. Spell this term out and analyze this term using the word division method as in the previous questions

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