Data Science and Behavioral Finance Discussion

In this discussion forum, you can choose one of two trending areas in finance to respond to. Complete either the data science discussion prompt or the behavioral finance prompt and follow the directions listed.

Data Science

In your readings, you read an article that provides a review of literature that connects data science, finance, and economics. Choose one of the theoretical models (listed under section 2 of the article) or one of the statistical and econometric models (listed under section 3 of the article) and find five additional peer reviewed articles in this area (not mentioned in this journal article) that provide context to the topic. Discuss the contribution of the five journal articles you selected and how those help to further understand the models originally presented. 

Behavioral Finance

In your readings, you read an article that discusses current trends in behavioral finance research: (a) DNA analysis and financial behaviors, (b) investor data and behavior, (c) Investor reaction, and (d) experimental market assets. Each of these articles can be found in this special issue of The Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization (editorial in your reading).Choose one of these areas and read the articles associated with the topic (mentioned in the appropriate sections of the editorial from your readings). Now, explore what research has been conducted since these articles were written.

What is the current state of research in these areas? What has been researched that further contributes to the particular research area you have chosen?

Provide a summary of the new research in this area from a minimum of five new peer reviewed journal articles and identify questions that need exploring in future research. 

Provide a 600 to 800-word summary (formatted according to APA guidelines) of the new

research in this area from a minimum of five new peer reviewed journal articles and identify

questions that need exploring in future research. 

Your discussion should be organized in a three-paragraph format:

Introductory Paragraph: gives an overview and definition of the topic you chose. At the end of

the paragraph it gives an idea of how your forum is organized.

Current Trends Paragraph: In this paragraph, you will discuss the themes that you found in

the research from the 5 articles related to your topic. This paragraph should be a synthesis of the

research and not just a listing of annotated summaries.

Future Research Paragraph: In this paragraph, you will discuss areas of future research by

referencing the 5 articles that you identified. The future research areas should be based on the

findings of the authors of those articles rather than general ideas you may have.

*A reference section should then be included at the end of your discussion.   

Also on the third page a bibliography with the following instructions:

In preparation for writing each of your Discussions, you should submit your Annotated

Bibliography Assignment on the topic that is being covered for the week (Marketing,

Accounting, Finance, Management, Economic Data Analysis, International Business).


An annotated bibliography is a list of sources (books, journals, Web sites, periodicals, etc.) one

has used for researching a topic (Annotated Bibliographies, 2020).

For all sources used in your Discussion you should:

 Provide an APA formatted Citation (this should look like what you would include in a

normal reference section.

 Summarize the source and discuss the research study that was conducted and what the

findings were.

Assess the source and discuss how useful it is and how it compares with other sources in

your paper.  Reflect on how the source will be useful to you in your discussion. How does it help to

shape your argument and how are you using it to shape your writing?

Each annotation should look like: 

Author (year). Title of article. Title of Journal, Vol no(issue). Pg to pg.

In your summary, you will begin with a discussion of the research question the study is

attempting to answer. You will summarize the research that was conducted and the specific

findings that were uncovered. You will then provide a summary of what this means for the topic.

Next, you will discuss how the source compares with other sources in your paper and how useful

is the source in attributing to your writing.

Finally, you will discuss how the source is useful in your discussion. You will need to be specific

on why it is important to use and exactly how you will use it in your writing to shape your


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