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You are a Customer Representative of, Intelligent Gadgets, and you have received an email from an angry customer.




Date: 20/10/2021

Subject: Wrong Color Phone Case

Dear Customer Service,

I am writing in regards to order #33224. I have two issues: One, the delivery is 3 days late. I added fast shipping and was charged an extra 45 Riyals for same-day delivery on Saturday. However, I did not receive it until Tuesday evening! Two: When I finally opened my order this morning, I was not happy with it because I received the wrong color. I ordered the blue shock-resistant case for my iPhone, but I was surprised to see that it is red!

This is not my first time ordering from Intelligent Gadgets, so I was disappointed at the mix-up and late delivery. 

Please solve this problem as soon as possible.

Best regards,

Nawaf A.


How would you reply to this complaint? You must use a soft approach and provide a solution for the problem.

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