Current News

Question 1

MYC protein , Article

1-Background about the protein.

2-why is it important to modulate the protein? i.e. what is the evidence that modulating the particular biological pathway would lead to a useful therapeutical?

3- Approaches taken to modulate the pathway and their result ( if approaches did not work then what was the reason). – source of the lead compound.

4- Key learning from this work. what was the taking home message for you?

5- all the references

Question 2

How did the Supreme Court assert itself? Using at least 5 court cases, explain how, why, and the impact of the Supreme Court from 1791-1877.

Question 3

theory – realism, liberalism, marxism

1) summary of basic ideas of each thories (the claims, reasons and analysis for the claims)

2) examples to support each theories (examples must be 3 current news )

3) limitations of each thories including 3 examples against each theories

4) which theory do you think has more merit? why?

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