Victim Rights Advocate

Grace, the chief attorney (CA), asks you to draft a report that she will use in her presentation to the county commission. Her goal is to keep the victim witness assistant positions that currently exist and to increase the number of these positions in the future. She knows that providing victim advocacy is a relatively …

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1992 Los Angeles Riot

You will analyze your selected case study for the ethics thatwere used to address the problem. You will evaluate how leadership addressed the problem and whether they used ethical decision-making.Prompt: Using your selected case study, complete the following critical elements for the assignment:A. Determine the ethicality of leadership’s decision making in their attempts to address …

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Restorative Justice Applications

Compare and contrast, within a chosen subset of criminal justice, the traditional criminal justice response to crime with a restorative response to similar crimes. Instructions Choose a subset of criminal justice in the United States, including, but not limited to: juvenile justice; criminal or discipline issues in institutions of higher education; parole, probation, or other …

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