Criminal Justice


The following elements should be included in your essay:

Part of the process of reforming the criminal justice system requires changes to the organizational culture of the individual criminal justice agencies which make up the system. Choose a hypothetical example from either a law enforcement or correctional agency and discuss specific ways to change the culture to achieve better criminal justice outcomes. These outcomes can be internal or external to the agency.
Using concepts from this week’s Read and Attend sections:
•    Discuss in general terms how the culture of an agency can negatively influence desired criminal justice outcomes.
•    Identify three specific areas where the criminal justice outcomes or performance measures for the hypothetical agency you chose that need to change or improve.
•    Describe how the socialization process for new members of the agency should be changed to better align with these desired outcomes for the agency.
•    Discuss the role of power and authority for criminal justice practitioners.  How can agencies better train members to use their legitimate power and authority to achieve the desired criminal justice outcomes?
•    Discuss the role of the political process in prioritizing which criminal justice outcomes should be focused on by practitioners.  How best can the agency leaders respond and adapt to this process?

Explanation & Answer 

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