Counseling and working

Training and competence are key issues within the field of human services. It is important for professionals engaging in counseling and working with clients to have the training and experience necessary to prepare them for the unique and often complex issues that arise. The task of providing training and supervision to new professionals in the field is a major responsibility, and one that involves many factors and sometimes difficult decisions.


For this discussion we will look at the connection between the codes of ethics and clinical supervision and training. Develop a main response in which you address the following:

  • Summarize the themes of the codes of ethics pertaining to professional competence.
  • Describe the responsibility you think a training program has to dismiss from the program a student who is psychologically or academically not able to perform satisfactorily in an internship. How would you suggest providing feedback for this type of student?
  • Discuss the main roles and responsibilities that counseling supervisors have toward those they are supervising. How does this compare to their responsibilities to the clients being supervised?
  • What do you feel the consequences are for omitting racial and ethnic factors from supervision?
  • Introduction to Professional Ethics: Chapters 8, 9, and 10
  • MindTap: Please log in to your CengageBrain account, and review the following resources.
    • Chapter 8
      • Audio Lecture with Gerald Corey
      • Videos: Ethics in Action
        • Counselor Competence: Dealing with Delusions
    • Chapter 9
      • Audio Lecture with Gerald Corey
    • Chapter 10
      • Audio Lecture with Gerald Corey

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