Corporate Security and the Criminal Justice System

Corporate Security and the Criminal Justice System

In Unit 7, you discussed several topics. One of the topics that will be of particular interest to the corporate security officer is the relationship between the private security sector and the criminal justice system. The corporate security function would be expected to communicate and collaborate effectively with the components of the criminal justice system. Consider three major components of the criminal justice (police, courts, and corrections). Now, consider your role in the corporate security function. How would you envision working with each of these subsystems effectively? What are some situations that would represent effective collaboration and communication with each subsystem? Elaborate on these.

Business Continuity

In Unit 8, you discussed business continuity, which will be a prominent part of the security plan. In this Discussion, you will discuss some major considerations of business continuity for the company in your scenario (banking). Conduct some research on the banking industry and some of the major considerations of business continuity. What areas are of the most concern when we consider the concept of business continuity in the banking industry? Discuss these in brief in your discussion post. In your view, which of these considerations would be the most vital in terms of business continuity in a banking center in the event of some emergency? Why do you think that this is the case?

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