Corporate Name Search

Topic: Starting and Naming a Business

Thread Prompt:

Read the Discussion Board Forum 3 Case Study, located in Course Content > Course Guides and Assignment Instructions > Assignment Instructions > Discussion Board Forums. Then, research and analyze the following questions in your DB 3 thread:

Advise Shania on which of the business forms under consideration best accomplishes her business goals. Thoroughly explain the reasons for your recommendation.
Advise Shania on whether her company should become a franchise or should open as an independent coffeehouse. Explain your recommendation.
Perform a corporate name search at this website to determine if the name Shania is considering is available for use in the State of Colorado. Also assess whether the name is available as a trademark. Even if the name is available, advise Shania on whether it is a good choice. Explain why or why not.
Advise Shania on which of the interested persons she should include in her business, why, and in what role(s). If she chooses not to take in a particular party, what reasoning should she give each person, if any? Your analysis must include biblical perspectives, such as biblical considerations of marriage and of business relationships with non-believers.
Review the Assignment Instructions for Discussion Board Forums, noting especially requirements for word counts, scholarly sources, and biblical worldview integration.

Question 2

This is just expected to be one paragragh, Pick a quote you think is very interesting or important with respect to the overall argument or
story. Introduce the quote. On bibliographical referencing, see Shea and
Whitla, ch.9.
2. Elaborate: Explore the key idea or issue contained in the quote.
3. Justify: Explain why you picked the quote—if you strongly agreed/disagreed
with it don’t just say so, explain why you did..
5. Contextualize: Explain how the quote/overall argument relates to an issue
of importance to the study of business and society.

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