Corporate Information

Universal Corporation Sdn. Bhd. is a manufacturer of a range of industrial products in Malaysia. Established for more than 20 years, the products are mostly sold in the domestic market. Today, Universal Corporation Sdn. Bhd. has a highly skilled workforce, substantial financial resources, and a reputation based on the commitment to providing customers with quality products, excellent value, timely delivery, and outstanding service.

Corporate Information

  1. Registered office: Kuala Lumpur

  2. Authorised capital: RM30.0 million

  3. Paid-up capital: RM20.0 million

  4. Revenue: RM65.0 million

  5. Employees: 300 staff

Company Profile

  •  Incorporate on 2.1.1993 as a family owned business
  •  Operates manufacturing plants in 2 locations, namely Shah Alam and Johore Baru
  •  Products mainly used in the residential, commercial and industrial buildings
  •  Products are sold through 10 distributors; 70% of which is to dealers and 30% to contractor
  •  Total installed production capacity is 5.0 million sq. meters
  •  Current sales (2014) is 3.5 million sq. meters
  •  Excess product capacity is 1.5 million sq. meters

Industry Overview

The decline in the prices of crude oil, palm oil and rubber are expected to affect the Malaysian economy in general and the construction industry in particular. The slowdown in the western economy is also expected to contribute to a further contraction in the growth of the Malaysian economy in 2015. The domestic consumption for industrial products is forecasted to drop by 10%.

Company’s Objective

To overcome the problem of declining sales in the domestic market and excess capacity of 1.5 million sq. meters, Universal Corporation Sdn. Bhd. embarks on a new marketing strategy of exporting the products. Efforts to identify and penetrate the company’s products to profitable overseas markets will be the main strategy for 2015.

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