Corporate Diplomacy

The essay question is:

Is Corporate Diplomacy to advance the public interest a good thing? What are the benefits and drawbacks of greater corporate engagement in global governance through mechanisms like multi-stakeholder private governance initiatives, public-private partnerships, and lobbying for more ambitious government action? What is your view?

Your essay should be 1500 words long, plus or minus 10% (excluding references list).

Successful responses will synthesize what you have learned in different parts of the course and demonstrate systemic understanding of the various topics.

Your essay should include illustrative examples and be accurately referenced. You may also draw on additional sources although there is no expectation that you need to.

Your essay should follow a clear structure, with introduction, structured argument, and conclusion.

This first part should be entirely focused on the Background on the global challenge or challenges focused by Rainforest alliance certification’ ’

The second element is more creative.

You should develop and propose your own original multi-stakeholder initiative to address one or more global challenges. It could be a multi-stakeholder private governance voluntary rule-making initiative, a public-private partnership, or an initiative related to lobbying for more ambitious government intervention to address specific global challenges.

Your proposal should be 1000 words long, plus or minus 10% (excluding references list)

Your proposal should address the following points:

  • What global challenge does your initiative help address? Give some detail about the societal problems related to your global challenge. Discuss in relation to the UN SDGs.
  • Which partners and why – what do they bring? Which different stakeholder organisations would be involved? Why do those organisations need to be involved – what would they uniquely contribute that would be valuable?
  • What would be the case for each stakeholder organisation to participate? Why would they do it? What would motivate them to participate? What would be the benefit for them?
  • What would be the work? What activities would your initiative engage in and why? What would it be aiming to achieve and how would those activities help?
  • How would you measure impact / success? What would be the key metrics?
  • What challenges would likely be encountered? How could these be overcome?

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