Content Paper

Homework 1: Summary-Response Paper

Read the article “From New York to Romania, restoration ecology is

helping nature heal (and maybe humanity, too)”


Writing a summary and response to an assigned reading is a very common assignment in

college classes. A well-done summary response demonstrates a high level of reading

comprehension, vocabulary understanding, critical thinking, and writing skills.


In this assignment, you will practice writing a summary and response in class and for

homework. Then you will write a summary-response paper on the article by Mihnea Tanasescu.


Your paper must include a clear introduction, body and brief conclusion . The body of your

paper will separate the summary and response into at least two paragraphs. We will discuss

organization options in class.

Assignment Requirements:

About 500 words long

Double-space your text.

Include a heading in the upper left corner with your name, date, the current word count

and drafting stage (e.g. Draft 1, Draft, 2, Draft 3, or Final Draft)


This assignment is worth 50 points of your final course grade. You must submit all drafts to get

a passing grade on this paper. Additionally, late submission of drafts will lower your final score

for this paper.

Peer Review and Workshops:

You must submit your drafts before workshops and participate actively in all writing workshops.

Failing to participate and/or missing workshops will have a negative impact on your final grade.

These points cannot be made up.

Summary & Response Evaluation Rubric

Evaluation Key

E (Excellent)—An A Paper

G (Good)—A B Paper

S (Satisfactory)—A C Paper

U (Unsatisfactory)—A D or F Paper


The introduction introduces the content and issue without giving summary information and ends with a clear thesis statement that tells the name of the author and the title and main idea of the article. Only the main supporting points, important details and the author’s conclusion (final thoughts) are included in the summary (regardless of organization method). The summarized points are unbiased, without any interpretation or opinion from the writer. These points and details should be written in the writer’s own words and quoting should be minimal. The writer states his/her opinion to at least TWO ideas from the article which are clearly introduced using a quote or paraphrase. The writer uses relevant personal experiences or evidence from other reading to support his/her opinion. The writer clearly analyzes the idea and support by making connections beyond the obvious. The writer shows an accurate understanding of the ideas from the article in both summarizing and responding.


The paper has a clear introduction, body and conclusion.

The body covers the ideas from the article in the same order as they appear in the text.

Transitions are used to move from one idea to the next both between and within paragraphs.

Language, Mechanics & Specifications

The paper shows variety in sentence structure and word choice.

The paper shows careful editing. Grammar errors are rare and do not interfere with meaning.

The paper meets word count and formatting requirements.

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