Consumer Behaviour

Business Research

-Standard formatting – 12 point font, 1.15-2x spacing, text not justified, etc.

-Divided into clearly-marked sections, and follows a logical pattern, ie: doesn’t ramble.

-Utilizes at least 10 sources and 6 in-text citations, along with an APA-style Works Cited at the end

-Makes a logical, persuasive call to action on behalf of the reader

The other good news is that you are welcome to write about any topic of your choosing, so long as it is related business.

Question 2

How are environmental concerns affecting consumer behaviour? The case of Plastic.

As we move into the second decade of the 21st century, it keeps become clearer the fact that the foundation of our consumerist based societies are having a negative impact on the other species and the environment surrounding us. Many materials are contributing on this global catastrophe, however there is a particular material that right now is on the light spot due to its presence almost in anything and anywhere, and also its major environmental impact: Plastic. The situation has become so critical that some new studies suggest that if we don’t bring a change there will be more pieces of plastic than fish in the see by 2050.


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