Construction Project Memorandum


For your final project, you will work on a team project to create a grant proposal. Before you start this activity, review the Grant Proposal Project Overview to learn more.

In this discussion, search for calls for proposals (CFPs) that match your interests and potential project ideas. The best proposals start with projects, not the other way around. To get started, think about the kind of project you would like to develop. Think about what kind of local community work you would be interested in developing, what your town or neighborhood needs but can’t readily afford, or even what kind of well-defined professional research project you’d like to engage in if only you had the resources. Consider what kind of meaningful, tangible, and well-defined work you would do with the right support.

Now, use your project idea to develop search terms and parameters. Explore these resources to help identify ideas to use for your CFP.

Identify three CFPs that you would be interested in responding to.

Post & Discuss

Compose a short memo (150 words) that describes the three CFPs that you selected. Provide a link to each CFP. Post your memo by the third day of the module week.

Respond to at least three of your classmates’ memos whose CFPs interest you.

Review the Discussion Memo Rubric for detailed grading information.

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