Computer programming

Choose any one topic yourself From 1 o 5:
1.Are there any good tools available for software development within a team
Identify at least two and elaborate on their use, functionality, pros and cons, and their e
effectiveness and popularity.
2.Are there any good educational strategies employed throughout the world to
teach programming?
Elaborate on selected strategies with emphasis on methods of delivery of content, assessment
strategies, languages used and their effectiveness.
3.Are there any popular language specific IDE’s to teach programming?
Elaborate using examples of selected languages (like Java or C++) and IDE’s specifically
designed to teach these languages.
4.Is the choice of an IDE important in teaching programming skills?
Elaborate on selected IDE’s, like NetBeans, with emphasis on their usefulness to teaching
basic programming skills.
5.Are there any popular automatic assessment tools for computer programming
Elaborate on selected tools, like CodeRunner, with an emphasis on ease of use, flexibility,
attractiveness, languages supported etc

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