Comparison Between United States to Asia, Africa and South America

Use a comprehensive and detailed discussion with a clear thesis to write a comparison and contrast essay. Underline your thesis statement in your essay. The essay should be at least four pages typed and double-spaced in Times New Roman (12 point font). You must include a minimum of four secondary sources to support your topic. You may not use internet secondary sources, and you must use the specific library database sources detailed below. You are required to have a minimum of five sources (4 secondary sources and 1 source from your textbook). Use specific examples from the texts to support your response. Do not be vague. You should have a minimum of five quotations in your essay. Use in-text citations after quotations and paraphrases from the work. Include a Works Cited page. Remember to proofread. Do not plagiarize! Ask me if you have any questions.

Essay Topic: Compare and contrast lifestyles in the United States to countries in Asia, Africa, and South America.
Choose at least one source from The Writer’s Mindset:
• Reginald Dwayne Betts “Only Once I Thought about Suicide”

Choose at least three ProQuest: Culture Gram sources and at least one Gale in Context: Global Issues source about the countries below. You must include at least one country from Asia, Africa, and South America in your essay based on the lists below.

• Vietnam
• Kenya
• Colombia

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