Compare and contrast the coinage systems of three ancient western civilizations

Coinage was a vital tool in western civilization. Compare and contrast the coinage systems of three ancient western civilizations of your choice (from the Sumerians through the Franks). What similarities existed, if any, in the coinage systems of the three civilizations you examined? What differences existed in these coinage systems? What were the values of the coins minted in each of the three civilizations you chose? How were the coins shaped?

For this paper, I am requiring you to do a little research. You need at least THREE SOURCES for this paper. You are free to use either books or journal articles as sources

For this paper, you may use parenthetical citation (Author’s name, Title, page number).


The Romans modified battle formations with the addition of the legion (John Smith

Bibliographic citation format for a book with a single author:

Author’s last name, Author’s first name. Title. City of Publication: Publishing Company, Year of Copyright

You MUST include a title page at the beginning, which should have your name, a title for your paper, and your class and section number. As mentioned above, you MUST include a bibliography at the end of your 5-7 page paper. Your title page and bibliography do NOT count to the 5-7 page requirement for your paper. Watch your spelling and grammar. Do NOT include contractions [i.e. don’t, can’t, wasn’t, etc.]. Do NOT use first person [i.e. “I”, “me”, “us”, “we”, “myself”, etc.]. I do take off 1 point for each contraction or first person pronoun I see in a paper.

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